KingsBox – Powered By Innovation

There are a couple of things you need to know before you chose KingsBox.

For the next five years, we have set one goal.

To become the best and the largest company in Europe in the field of power training and endurance.

KingsBox was founded in 2015, in a 30 m2 large garage, which is approximately the size of your kitchen with dining room.

Back then, Luka and myself, the two founders, were 25-year old students with no money or acquaintances, but we had a strong will and desire for personal and business growth.

Today, six years later, KingsBox is one of the largest providers of sports equipment in Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Slovenia, Croatia, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait.

Perhaps what I’m going to say will seem strange to you, but in our company, success is not measured in equipment that we sold.

Although in 2020 we sold 122.576 pieces of equipment that we manufactured and sent it to 28 different countries, which was more than all the previous years together, we are much prouder of the fact that we have fulfilled our goal: to present at least nine new, innovative products monthly.

Yep, I’m not making any mistakes here, 9 products PER MONTH.

Innovation is our main driver, which is informing our customers that we are not afraid of any challenge.

In the past year, we produced 947 pieces of custom-made equipment and this year we want this number to become 4-digit.

For all the records we achieved, we can only thank our extraordinary personnel.

In just six years, the company has grown from two to 51 employees, which is a great success, but at the same time we have faced different challenges to acquire the best employees in our team, who are also fans of our sports niche. We are aware of what a satisfied employee means, so we invest a lot in well-being, education and health at the workplace.

Gym in the office, massage at work place, dinners, visit to the hairdresser are just some of the privileges we offer to our employees in exchange for their valuable time, dedicated to our common goal.

You can get to know our employees better here.

If you ever wandered on the “About us” section on other web pages, you surely noticed that companies love writing ambitious visions and missions, but when you decide to buy from them, you quickly realize that the experience is far from their promise.

We are different.

We are working hard to make sure that our mission and our vision are not just a letter on paper (or on a website), but our guide and the reason that we can easily get up from the bed in the morning.

Everybody, from the engineer, warehouse worker, photographer or director, has their own tasks and duties that are intertwined in order to achieve one common goal.

Of course, we do not live in the illusion that mistakes cannot happen, but we are extremely well prepared for such cases. A skilled and experienced customer service department is always available for any questions you may have before or after your purchase.

This statement is supported by numbers: in 2020 our customer support department was evaluated with 93/100 points.

Dejan Kobal

CEO, CO- owner KingsBox

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