Club Royal Family

At KingsBox, we think of our members like family.

When you join, you become part of an international network of like-minded coaches, athletes and gym owners.

You also gain access to everything that KingsBox offers to help you learn, grow and develop your business to the next level.

In exchange for your trust, we will give you much more than only access to our web page with special prices for our equipment:

  • You will have the opportunity to sell KingsBox products with profits in your gym. Learn more about the My Box pack here: My Box Pack
  • Special discount on our yearly seminar KingsBox Days, where you will have the opportunity to train with the best coaches and athletes in the word. Learn more about KingsBox Days here: KingsBox Days
  • And you will also have the opportunity to apply to host KingsBox Days event in your Box.
  • You will receive, free of charge, the official Royal Family member wall plate that is a symbol of quality services for your gym, and other marketing products like t-shirts.

Our Members

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How to become a part of the Royal Family?


When you choose to fully equip your gym or home gym by KingsBox you automatically become part of the KingsBox Royal Family.

You can also become part of the family by applying to become a KingsBox Royal Athlete or Royal Coach.