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Are you still unsure what to buy? Here is the list of the best gifts from the hands of KingsBox elves, that you could buy for an athlete. Complete with photos, links, and prices.

Here we are again. Christmas is almost here and you are still unsure what to buy to your girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, mom or dad…

Well if they are a sports enthusiast this choice will be much easier. Since we all know that they can’t wait to buy new equipment it is only natural that they will love a gift of one.

But what accessory or piece of equipment to buy?

Relax, we’ve made the ultimate gift guide for you. Just take out a pen and start filling out your list of Christmas gifts.


KingsBox sportswear line is broad and covers the needs of athletes from different disciplines. Technical materials, excellent quality, and modern design will allow you to be ready for every challenge.

Shop Women’s Sportsweare here

Men’s sportswear

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Other than buying clothes for Christmas gifts you can choose from a variety of training accessories and equipment every respectable athlete needs in his life.

Training accessories that every respectable athlete needs.

Palm protectors

Shop for Palm protectors here

Made from leather this palm protectors guarantee a secure grip and at the same time protect against calluses.

Wrist Wraps

Acquista le tue polsiere QUI

Made from mixed materials (cotton, elastane, and polyester), they absorb sweat and prevent the unpleasant wet feeling on the skin.

Knee Sleeves

Shop Knee Sleeves here

Knee sleeves are designed for those who train weightlifting, powerlifting, gymnastics, etc. whether you are a beginner or an expert. Made of neoprene and are therefore very flexible. They do not cause any discomfort during any exercise (squat, snatch, clean & jerk, deadlift, etc.) and give you additional protection during the rehabilitation phase or to prevent injury.

Lifting Straps

Shop Lifting Straps here

For all athletes who train weightlifting and want to load the barbell well. With this product, one can do it without worrying about the grip.

Lifting leather belt

Shop Lifting Leather Belt here

La cintura in pelle da pesistica della KingsBox è realizzata in pelle e cucita a mano. Molto facile da agganciare e sganciare grazie alle due cinghie di metallo su di essa predisposte. Potete usare la cintura sia nell’allenamento da Powerlifting che da Weightlifting. Grazie alla comodità, resistenza e al design raffinato, questo prodotto scala il top delle cinture che troverete sul mercato ad un prezzo davvero eccezionale.


Shop Sticky Tape here

Sticky Tape was designed primarily to protect and support the wrist, as well as the thumb and fingers in all lifting exercises. The handle wrapped in a sticky tape will help keep your grip in place and you will no longer have to worry about the grip that is falling or slipping from your hand. In addition, with this item, the various blisters and open hands are a thing of the past!

Weighted Vest

Shop Weighted Vest Here

Murph, Mountain Run, and weighted pull-ups are just some of the tests for which you will need a good Weighted Vest.


Shop Magnesium here

It will absorb moisture and at the same time protect the palm of your hand. No slippery hand anymore.

Sports Backpack

Shop Sports Backpack here

The backpack is quite versatile you can use it daily on many different occasions. Be it for a visit to your local gym, or to put in your climbing and swimming gear, and it can accompany you even on your trips and vacation.

Elastic Bands

Shop Elastic Bands here

Elastic Bands are the right choice for every athlete. Used for various types of exercises, for speed, strength, jumping, aerobic training, as well as for rehabilitation, stretching and all mobility and flexibility exercises.

Speed rope

Shop Speed Rope here

Jump rope has always been an excellent tool to improve your fitness. It has a soothing effect on the nerves, the respiratory system, and the blood vessels. And why should the rope just be a boring device, if it can be fun and even look cool?

Foam Roller

Shop Foam Rollers here

Great tool for all those who do yoga, Pilates, fitness, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and of course with functional exercises.

Lacross Ball

Shop Double Lacrosse Ball here

Though the ball is meant for the deep tissue massage along the spine, it can be used also for hip and glute muscles or other muscle groups, in which the pain and inflammation occur.

Mobility Tools Set

Shop Mobility Tools Set here

Settle for just one tool when we can buy a complete set for mobility, perfect for improving our fitness.

Symmetry Mobility Tool

Shop Symmetry Mobility Tool here

Shoulders carry a lot of burdens during training sessions, which often leads to different injuries. To avoid injuries, we first need to strengthen our muscles and stretch them after each exercise, in order to prevent muscular cramps and pain. Straps are recommended by many physiotherapists since the use of the straps results in muscular activation, rehabilitation, power generation, and greater mobility.


Shop Kettlebells here

A classic piece of equipment. Made from a single piece of metal with a solid and reliable handle. The bottom of the Kettlebell is flat to give it stability in the moment of support.

3 seconds Pull Up Bar

Shop 3 seconds Pull Up Bar here

For those who train in home gyms or in smaller functional centers, not having enough space to perform pull-ups on fixed structures. First foldable pull-up bar in the word.


Victoria Olimpic Barbell

Shop Victoria Bar here

Victoria Bar Olympic Barbell was designed and built for all women who are not afraid to lift heavy loads. This barbell with a diameter of 25 mm and smoother knurling than the men’s barbell, leaves hands much less damaged. Equipped with central knurling, it has a double marking to facilitate the grip. The barbell is so good both for lifting weights and also for the toughest WOD.

Cerakote Barbell

Shop Cerakote Bar here

Weightlifting and powerlifting bars are inherently very robust, but with Cerakote coating, the durability is even more enhanced. Cerakote is seventy times better than chrome and even a hundred times better than black zinc. Considering that this ceramic coating is used by various military organizations around the world, we are convinced that it will perform its work with excellence also on our barbells.

Visor Home Gym Set

Shop Visor Home Gym Set here

The package is designed for athletes, who are already learning about functional training.

Set includes:

  • Barbell of your choice (Kings Bar II., Queens Bar, Dark Knight or White Knight)
  • 5Kg Bumper Plates (Pair)
  • 10Kg Bumper Plates (Pair)
  • 15Kg Bumper Plates (Pair)
  • Kettlebell 24kg
  • Rings (Pair) of your choice (Wooden Gymnastic Rings or Black Rings)
  • Slam Ball 10kg
  • Lock Jaw Collars (Pair)
  • KingsBox Cannon Mad Ball of your choice (6kg or 9kg)

So now that your list of Christmas gifts is complete all you have to do is to order the products in time to receive them by the holidays.