Za uporabnika

Quality and innovation

Equipment for functional training produced in Europe:

Technically advanced, reliable and resistant, with the possibility of customization.Years of research, development and design experience have opened KingsBox’s doors to the world of Europe’s best-known functional equipment suppliers. All items are manufactured with the help of modern technology, then laser-cuted, welded with robotic welding and turned on CNC lathes, in order to guarantee maximum precision and thus achieve high quality.

High quality and unmistakable details

The quality of the equipment is noted not only in the refined and finished aspect, but also in the reliability, safety and convenient use of the modular properties. The tools have been designed and built to withstand all training conditions and last a lifetime.

Certificates and materials

For the production of all our products, we use only certified materials, as well as qualified and specialized personnel, as required by European regulations. The close collaboration between the design team and the production team makes it possible to combine quality, functionality and refined design in every one of our products.

Prototypes and tests

All the equipment, in the design phase, goes through countless prototyping phases, which usually takes a few months to complete. Once the product has been defined, before putting it into serial production and therefore for sale, it is tested first by our technical staff and then sent to our best athletes, who test the product while remaining objective in the evaluation. Thanks to them, we can strive for continuous improvement of all our tools.

The quality of the products and conviction of being able to offer one of the best services in the field is not just a written idea for advertising purposes, but first of all a fact and a promise, which we are committed to keeping on a daily basis. All products have a warranty period, during which time the item can be replaced or returned.

We do everything we can to satisfy our customers, trying to gain their trust and enthusiasm, knowing that they can count on our 24/7 support and assistance.