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How long does it take to make a plan for my new gym??

Any tool that is not part of our catalog can be tailored just for you! In this case we will need about 4 weeks to ship it.

What do we need to know about your future gym?

The first step is to contact us by email at and ask for information about opening a new box. In a few hours you will receive our reply, in which we will ask you a few questions in order to prepare a first estimate for information. Our experts will try to make sure that your money is spent well and invested in an infrastructure that will then be exploited in every single inch of space, helping you to create the gym of your dreams.

What happens if a desired product is not in our catalog?

We can make any piece of equipment. If an item is not yet in the catalog, you will need to send us an email to and inform us of your wish. In 3 weeks we will be able to produce any tool you want, to make your gym unique!

Do we also take care of the designs?

Sure! To all customers who decide to set up the gym with our brand, we offer the possibility of designing and drawing in 3D for free! This allows us to design your gym from head to foot and provide you with the opportunity to see in a concrete way how we thought about using the available space. So you can enter the gym of your dreams before even defining the final equipment order.

How do we test the equipment?

All our equipment are repeatedly tested first by our technical staff and then sent to our best athletes and coaches who test the product in the gym. We also collaborate with different gyms throughout Europe, submitting them to periodic surveys, in order to understand what to change and perfect so we can offer even better products!

How can you pay for your order?

If you need to order more than one product, contact us at and you may have the opportunity to take advantage of big discounts. Your order can then be paid with cash on delivery (cash only for amounts less than € 2999), bank transfer, PayPal, debit card or credit card. Also contacting us via e-mail and providing a VAT number (valid in the VIES system), VAT will be excluded from the total amount

I found cheaper offer on another website: can you get me the same price?

Our tools are of the highest quality available on the market and are sold at very advantageous prices. This was possible because we decided to work with much lower profit margins than our competitors – to offer all customers quality at a good price. We are therefore not prepared to lower prices further – as this would force us to reduce quality. In the long run, our products will save you money, because you will not need much maintenance and will last a lifetime.


Will the facilities be assembled by our staff?

By agreement we can also take care of this service, usually our customers deal with it alone, as our facilities are very easy to assemble.

What guarantee do we offer?

On our products we offer warranty from standard ones up to lifetime warranties. For more information contact us at!

How much will I have to spend on a typical gym?

There is nothing such as a “typical gym”  and we will be very pleased to let you know how much would cost your very own gym. We are sure that you will not find a better place to buy quality products at bargain prices!