Buisness Course for Gym Owners

Business Coaching for Gym Owners

From the very beginning of KingsBox, we had a clear mission: to offer our customers hi-quality and innovative sports equipment for strength and endurance training. And it is still today the same mission that is at the core of our company development.

This year, we have decided to go a step further. We make an effort to build a community with our customers, our Royal Family. And trough the conversations with the gym owners we discovered that the questions like how to successfully open and manage a gym are often on their minds. We want our customers to succeed and their business to flourish. But we are no expert in the field of managing gyms. That is why we decided to contact someone who is.

We searched for experts that would not only preach the theory but have practical experiences in the field.

The experts at More Life specialize in managing Wellness and Fitness companies. They are constantly in contact with the owners of such companies and they help them answer the painful questions like:

  • How to get members on a WEEKLY basis and fill up spots in my gym?
  • How to create a culture and build a COMMUNITY of customers that LOVE to train with me?
  • How to USE the magic of social media to get new people without me being a tech genius or even great at marketing?
  • How to grow my gym and start to automatize the processes and have a successful BUSINESS.

At More Life, they have developed a system that helps you answer all these questions, the so-called THE NEW WAY SYSTEM. This system takes you through 4 main steps (Create, Attract, Sell and Service) to your main goal: a flourishing gym.

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Click the button below and book your 1-hour strategy call on how to grow your fitness business (this is FREE for Kingsbox customers and costs 250€ for others).

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One of More LIfe experts will examine your application and accept you for a strategy call.

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During this 60-minute Strategy Call, you will work together to develop a step-by-step growth plan for your fitness business/gym.

In agreement with More Life, each Kingsbox customer, gets a 60 minutes FREE phone consultation, with one of their experts.

A 250€ worth consultation with one of their experts, where you will review your current situation and make a plan for the successful growth of your gym business.