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Rok Dernikovič

Interview with the athlete

I'd suggest you start enjoying trainings and heathy food as opposed to struggling with recreation and dieting. I mean, you should be more interested in how much you are capable of achieving (how big is your performance), and less interested in how high does you scale shows, or how you look in the mirror. For someone who can hold a stand on their hands for one minute, can squat double their own body weight and at the same time needs 20 min to run a distance of 5 kilometers, simply cannot look bad, and will be healthy and in very good shape.

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Name: Rok Dernikovič

Date of birth: 28. 1. 1992

Place of residence: Ljubljana

Write 3 adjectives that best describe you: realistic, humble and at the same time proud

Your sport: CrossFit 

What are the best results you’ve achieved so far?

Crossfit Games Open – The fittest in Slovenia 2016 in 2018 ( 47th place in Central Europe)
6. ranking in Slovenia according to Sinclair points at the national weightlifting championship 2017.

Did sport ever helped you in your everyday life?

Hmm, I could write a whole book about it.

If we talk about the true meaning of the word ‘sport’, I will start with the fact that sport is much more than just recreation or physical movement. In sport, you always have an opponent that you respect and if you are a real athlete, you always want to beat him, according to the rules of this sport. Every athlete must be aware of their own abilities, which should be used in the most clever or economical way to overcome the opponent. And when you place a child in a sports environment, the child begins to develop countless abilities when trying to adapt to this environment, it’s a fact that the unknown environment brings defeats from which you learn to live with patience. Sports has taught me that hard work is the meaning of life, no matter what you do. Always do well what you are doing, otherwise your are harming yourself and others. Age quod agis!

What advice would you give to those who hesitate and are not sure if they should start practicing sports?

We do not live in an apartment or house, but in a body that is designed for movement. Move in a way our body was designed to move and move so that through your movement you strengthen your body and not wear it down.


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